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We use the most advanced technology and the best materials in the world.

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Orders will be delivered 5 to 7 working days - All over the UK.

Innovative Technology

A more environmentally friendly and economical mode of transport

Installation & Guidance

Our technician will unpack your delivery, install and adjust the mobility scooter to your needs if required, and demonstrate to show you how to operate the scooter.


VIP warranty for 12 months for all Green Power Mobility Scooters Batteries for 6 months.

Customer Support

Available for you 7 days a week, via phone, mail, whatsapp or chat.

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Our Premium Services

Here at Green Power, we offer our customers a variety of premium services. This includes the option of a home demonstration prior to purchase, payment plans to enable an affordable purchase and extended warranty packages.

Our Happy Customers

Lesley Richardson


Customer service team are great and solve problems really well as my scooter was upgraded as the one I ordered was out of stock and I didn’t have to pay any extra ether.
100% I would recommend them to anyone who wants or needs a mobility scooter.

Keith Wass


Because of Coronavirus Iโ€™ve not been out any distance to try mileage distance or test suspension but I certainly will at the first chance I get.
The delivery man was first class in explaining the switches and workings of everything, nothing was to much trouble for him.

Madelaine Waters


bout the mobility scooter were answered truthfully. No hard selling here. The scooter spoke for itself. I was left to make my own decision without any โ€˜sale pressureโ€™. Excellent, I would recommend Green Power to anyone.

Chris Towner


so might engage difficulties of official registration, so that would need investigation, Altogether this is a smart-looking and excellent disability scooter. and am confident that it will fulfill all needs.

I commend Mobility Power for their advice and attentiveness — they will fully satisfy you.

Tracey W


and professional. It arrived first thing in the morning with a phone call first making sure that was ok.
The scooter it easy to learn and so much more comfortable and zippy than my previous one.
I am a very happy customer and am in love with my โ€˜new wheelsโ€™

Thomas Cowell


No, my problem is continuously being stopped by people who want to know about the scooter..!! What can I say, I’m fast becoming a four-wheeled mobile advert for GreenPower scooters. Of course I don’t mind this at all, my scooter is everything I’d want it to be and, without missing a beat, gets me everwhere I want to go, regardless of the terrain. Oh yes, it handles rough paths and roads, farm tracks, rutted coastal paths in its stride.
It is a sound, well contructed machine with no vices other than not having a free-wheel facility, but I understand the safety aspect for having this. The only downside, for me, is lack of significant storage. The doughnut shaped ‘pod’ on the back holds little more than two 1L cartons of milk..!! I would have preferred a basket of some description on the back, or the option of having one fitted (Come on GreenPower, get your parts/spares page up and running and don’t forget to add accessories to it).
All in all I’m extremely happy with my Unique-4 scooter. I made the decision, from the outset, to upgrade the motor to an 800w version and go for the solid tires. The ‘free gifts’ are ok-ish.. the phone holder is good but the cover is too small once the mirrors are fitted.. time for a rethink GreenPower. I’m not planning on getting one right away, but I will be investing in a lithium battery in the future.
So, my finding.. Battery is good, ride is extremely comfortable, stability of the scooter is excellent, egonomics of the scooter are spot on and, lastly, it has killer looks.
As I live in the Isle of Man I had to get by without the ‘set-up’ assistance of a GP techno-bloke, not a problem, it’s all pretty straightforward. I would recommend this scooter and GreenPower to anyone – and do so, almost daily, on my excursions around my town.
(God help me next year when we have thousands of tourists here..!! Maybe GP can send me some business cards I can hand out..)

Stephen P McLawrence


with my issues politely and professionally. The scooter looks fantastic and is an eye catching, it certainly doesn’t look like your typical mobility machine. So thank you to the lady who rang me back, the 5 stars are for you, the scooter, and the delivery guy.

Tim Wardman


One mail – “yes we can do that”.
Two days later and the order is placed.
I will be again mobile on the most wonderful mobility scooter that i have ever seen, experienced or driven – and it’s quick.
Many of my friends and acquaintances have commented on the prowess of the machine.

Excellent machine
Excellent service.
Thankyou scooter heros
If you need a mobility scooter then stop here first. You will not be disappointed

Tim in Copenhagen

Terence sims



Martin Smith


The scooter announces that you have turned it off with two quite loud beeps, it also beeps when you lock and unlock the scooter with the pad. The battery life has been great.
There is a clear panel in front of you to show what speed you are going and how much battery power is left. The lights are very bright and great if you have to go out when it’s dark.
The scooter does fit through a normal sized door gap but with not a lot of room left each side. It is quite heavy so if you have to push it anywhere it be very taxing and tiring for people who need to use it.
The man that delivered the scooter was very friendly and made sure that I was fully confident on it and knew what I was doing before he left. The boot space under the seat is also helpful.
You are left sitting up quite high on this scooter which was always struggled with on other scooters.
It’s easy to stear and moves well I’ve had no bumps in it anyway…. Although there have been a few odd looks driving on the pavement or into shops and once it’s established this is a mobility scooter it gets likened to the triumph bikes which can be fun

Malcolm T


This item has changed my life. Item delivered as stated by seller. Driver went through all paperwork and gave demonstration in how to use. Great value for money. Would recommend to anyone needing mobility assistance.

Anthony wood


and thought that looks smart and the design was up to date took me a while to decide whether to buy one or not but so glad i did people in Boston Lincs were i live are stopping me all the time and asking me were did i get it from as they have never seen such a smart little machine before Its reliable,comfortable,sporty and like its name unique its does exactly as it says on the tin lol it as give me back my independence thank you GREEN POWER.

Niamh Ellis


a scooter to shop here.
Any contact we made was swiftly responded to.
Based in Spain we were concerned there could be any issues but every thing went so smoothly.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mobility Power.

Christopher Young


thatโ€™s available . Even now I had one little problem with the scooter when I first got it an Mobility engine even made a visit Iโ€™ll fix the problem straightaway . I highly recommend go green mobile scooter to anyone mowing thay be happy with ther result as saim as I am

Percival Duffus



Ray Brown


and it’s nice to to have a switch you can use to get 8 mph to get across roads. I have used the 8 mph on small roads. One last thing I would recommend this scooter. If you look at other scooters from other makers they are very much dearer with the same spec.

Karen Williams



Tina Celoro


Very help full , delivered on time , full demonstration on how it all works.i have Been stuck in doors for a few years .to embarrassed to ride a disability scooter , until I got a green power mobility scooter that looks like a moped . Love my freedom I have back.