About Us

Green Power is a leading brand that offers innovative mobility for you and your loved ones. Having been in the mobility scooter industry since 2012, we pride ourselves on the extraordinary experiences that have come from providing high quality, reliable and durable electric mobility scooters and electric bicycles. Overtime, we have learned to design unique models to match the needs of our customers.

We have succeeded in establishing a solid relationship with our customers thanks to our excellent reputation in terms of product quality and services.


Green Power has been an established brand name since 2012. We have our own production facility in China which produces our high quality electric mobility scooters and electric bicycles. We are proud of our facility as it gives us the power to control production, quality and delivery time.

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction from all of our highly reliable products that will improve your life and makes things much easier for you to go about your daily routine. All of our products have one year (12 months) of VIP service at your home. Our products have been tested and proven to have the highest quality according to European standards.

With our electric scooters, we contribute significantly to green mobility by providing you with a sustainable, energy efficient model.