All information relating to canceling your order / returning an item can be found on this page.
Please contact our customer service department via telephone or email in order to raise a refund/cancellation request.

The terms and conditions for canceling an order / returning an item are as follows:

  1. Once placing your order you will have 14 calendar days to advise Green Power of your intention to return the item and a further 14 days will be granted for you to arrange its return back to Green Power’s facility.
  2. You must have confirmation from a Green Power representative that your request to cancel has been received and approved prior to returning the item.
  3. We will not accept the return of an item if it is in a condition that breaches one of the following terms:
  • The item must be returned in the same condition as received on the day of delivery with no damages.
  • The mobility scooter must not have been registered with the DVLA as this will render the item second hand.
  • All parts relating to the order must be present e.g charger, batteries, documentation, etc.
  1. Upon the return of your item, should any damages be identified, you will be charged for the costs of repair. This sum will be determined following a full inspection of the item by our engineering team and a refund will be issued within 14 calendar days following the item’s arrival back to our facility.
  2. Costs for returning a product will not be covered by Green Power unless the item is damaged and the cause of damage is Green Power’s responsibility.
  1. If the item is received damaged or a manufacturing defect arises within the first 30 days of its receipt, Green Power will offer a repair, replacement, or refund. Before a customer can exercise this right, the faulty item must be assessed by a trained engineer who specializes in Green Power products in order to determine if the cause of the fault is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

If the above information is not clear in any way, please feel free to contact us via email or telephone for more assistance.


Contact number: 01134 900379