Lease a Scooter

Our LEASING PLAN is developed especially for customers wanting to spread their payments over time, Instead of paying all at once.
From just £79.00 per month, You will be able to get your scooter immediately. And at the end of the lease period, THE BIKE IS YOURS!

Before We Start

• Please read the leasing agreement thoroughly before you accept leasing agreement.

• On the day of delivery, The engineer will provide you with a printed copy of the leasing agreement for you to sign.

• You must be able to provide a copy of your ID. You may provide a passport or driving license. In addition, please provide the last three months of a utility bill with proof of address; this can be bank statements, gas/electric bills or your landline telephone bills. Without the required documents you will not be able to receive your scooter, so please ensure you have them with you.

• You will receive a free delivery by an engineer who will provide a demonstration in your home.

We thank you for choosing Green Power and we look forward to hear all about your new journeys.

How It Works?

Once you have read through our leasing agreement and present what is required, please follow the following steps:


Select A Scooter


Filling Contact Details & Agreement.


Set Up a First Payment


Set up a Direct Debit

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Select your Scooter

Common Questions About Leasing

Q. What is leasing?

A. Leasing one of our scooters means you pay monthly fees for the scooter over a period of 24 months. When the 24 months are up, you will then have the option to return the scooter and upgrade to another model or pay a small balloon of £49 and keep the existing scooter.

You may also decide to return the scooter when it is the end of the leasing plan .

Q. Do I own the scooter after the 24 payments?

A. After paying the 24 monthly payments you have the option of purchasing the scooter for £49. You may decide to send it back and request an upgrade or return the scooter.

Q. How do I pay for leasing a mobility scooter?

A. Once you have chosen the model you like, you will need to set up a direct debit, the first payment will be for the deposit of £250 which then follows by monthly payments over 24 months.

Q. What is required to be able to lease a mobility scooter?

A. To be able to lease a scooter, You must be able to provide photo ID and the last three months of a utility bill with your address.

Q. Do I need driving license or Insurance?

A. All our scooters are class 3 mobility scooters. They can be driven both on roads and pavements and you do not need a driving license, insurance or road tax. Green Power scooters are both road and footpath legal. But insurance is highly recommend for your own protection.

Q. When will my scooter be delivered?

A. Your scooter will be delivered within 5-7 working days when all requirements are proofed. Upon delivery you will receive a demonstration from the delivery engineer. Within 48 hours of making your purchase you should receive a phone call to confirm the date and time of delivery, we will not deliver without a confirmed date with yourselves.

Q. What if I require spare parts?

A. If you are ever in need of spare parts you can contact us, as we give great discounts to Green Power existing customers.


Q. Do I receive a warranty?

A. You will receive the warranty which is within the manual.